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Sarah . 25 years old . twin . Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA . OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY! GO POKES! . <3s Supernatural . Glee . giraffes . blue . music . 3 best friends B, D & E .

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Omg tomorrow is my doctors appointment!! I’m excited but totally nervous. I believe I will have to give some blood to run for my labs on my thyroid. Yippee! NOT.

Hopefully it all goes smoothly and I’m not gone too long from work.

I finally watched The Avengers this weekend. I was trying to watch Thor first, cause that’s really the only other Marvel movie prior to The Avengers that I haven’t seen yet. Stupid Netflix had removed it. I had to look up the plot synopsis and read that for a little bit, just so I could understand what on earth was going on. I feel like I’m finally in the same field as the entire world now, just from seeing the movie. Love Captain and Stark. 

Hello pilot episode of Gossip Girl. Another tv show that I used to watch and then stopped. Let’s see if I can remember everything.

I have this urge to watch documentaries about food.. Like Super Size Me, Food Inc.. Etc.

Any recommendations?

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